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Domestic fall vacation

Domestic fall vacation

The fall vacation in The Netherlands is a great time to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and activities in your own country. 

Enjoy the beautiful fall colors in the Dutch woods and nature reserves. National parks, such as the Hoge Veluwe, the Biesbosch, and the Veluwezoom are great places to walk or bicycle and admire the fall leaves.

Also at 't Lennepserf there is plenty to do

We offer you a very nice and varied program during the fall vacation. Our beautiful yard is very spacious so there are many possibilities. Not only for the "grown–ups", but also for the children there is a wide range.


Gnome walk

We organize a real gnome walk for our little ones. We go out in and around our yard, dress up as gnomes, and also look for new gnome friends.

Duration: 45 minutes

Gnome walk

Playing with fire

And what is more fun than making a fire? We like to do it and do it safely, of course. Together with the "big" children, we will burn marshmallows on it and roast chestnuts.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Burning marshmallows

Ground–bowling competition

We also have nice activities for the "grown–ups", such as a real ground–bowling competition on our own court.
We will divide you into teams and go ahead and enjoy playing.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Ground bowling

And what else is there?

And what else is there?

There is lots more. If there is sufficient participation, we also offer yoga classes for adults or parent/child yoga if there is sufficient participation. Relax together with Katja's inspiring leadership.

How about doing nothing at all? That is also possible. Or relax together in our wellness, read a nice book. At 't Lennepserf, you are not obligated to do anything. We even take care of breakfast for you through Jobse&Jobse if you want.

We want to give you the best fall vacation so that you, or all of you, can relax.

A wonderful fall vacation

Would you like to enjoy your fall vacation together with your family or friends and completely relax?
Then book one of our nice lodges at 't Lennepserf now.

Any questions? Feel free to ask them, and we look forward to seeing you in our beautiful yard.