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Beautiful Veluwe

The most beautiful places at the Veluwe

To many, the Veluwe is known as the most beautiful nature area in the heart of The Netherlands. It is a place where forests, sand drifts and heather areas comprise the landscape. A place where you can go for a wonderful hiking or cycling trip and clear your mind for a while. Are you planning to visit this magnificent nature area soon? We've listed the most beautiful places and observation points at the Veluwe for you. 

1. The Posbank

The Posbank is a stone bench built on the edge of the Herikhuizerveld in 1918 at a height of 90 meters with a stunning view of the Veluwe, the Achterhoek and the IJssel Valley. If you're lucky and there are no clouds, you can see as far as Germany. This is an amazing place throughout the year, but a visit during the month of August, when the heather has a purple color, is definitely recommended. The purple hilly landscape is breathtaking and the Posbank has therefore earned its reputation as one of the most beautiful heather areas in The Netherlands.

2. Leuvenhorst

In the north of the Veluwe, you will find the Ermelo heathlands, the Leuvenum forests and Leuvenhorst. The latter is a large heather and sand drift area bordering the decidious forest. The landscape is a popular hiking area for many. You will also find recreation area 'the Veluwemeer' not far from there.

3. Wekerom Sand

The Wekerom Sand is a huge sand drift which will make you feel like you're in another country. This amazing sand plain is surrounded by vegetated hills and pine forests. This is a place where you can wlak for hours and get lost in your own thoughts. This area is also very popular with children who love to run up and down the sand hills.

4. Deelerwoud

At the Deelerwoud, you will find everything that makes the Veluwe attractive. Rolling landscapes with vast forests and endless fields of heather.  Deelerwoud is a special place with far fewer tourists. This allows you to enjoy the magnificent landscapes in complete peace. Not just people, but animals notice too that it is a lot more peaceful here. This makes the chance of spotting wildlife many times bigger than in other parts of the Veluwe.

5. The Empe and Tonden heath

The Empe and Tonden Heath nature area mainly consists of grasslands. The area is filled with flowers during spring and summer, including many rare plants such as the meadow thistle and the spotted orchid. There is a wooden walkway running through the flowered grasslands, making it easy to walk across the heather. It is ideal for those in a wheelchair or for persons who walk with a stroller.

Nothing could be better than to stretch your legs and get a breath of fresh air. And if you can also admire the beauty around you, you have every reason to feel happy. You can discover everything the Veluwe has to offer in these places. Would you like to add some more excitement to your walk? Discover how you can increase your chances of spotting wild animals.