Ecolodges 't Lennepserf
Dog in the forest

Dog walking areas

Dogs are welcome at 't Lennepserf. They do enjoy going outside: dragging sticks through the woods, racing through meadows and rolling through mud puddles. That's why it's great fun to explore new hiking routes with your four-legged friend, right? Near 't Lennepserf, Veessen, there are all kinds of beautiful walking areas where your dog can run free.

Zwolse forest Heerde

The Zwolse forest in Heerde is a popular hiking forest with beautiful oak and birch avenues and rolling heathlands. The well-known Tonnenberg is the beating heart of this beautiful forest. Many hikers come here with their dog to enjoy the heathland and the great view. Your dog can run freely almost anywhere in the forest. An exception applies to the area around the ecoduct, because this is a resting area for wildlife. You even have the chance to spot a red deer here. Pay attention so that you know when to leash your dog again. This is indicated by signs.


A centuries-old estate on the edge of Heerde with a view of a beautiful country house. Unfortunately, this mansion is not open to visitors; however, the sight alone is quite special already! Walk along the wide canal that runs through the area, go on an adventure through a rough part of Bonenburg and walk along the old lock in the Apeldoorn canal. Dogs are allowed everywhere here and there are several places where your four-legged friend can splash in the water to cool down. A true dog paradise!


With its 223 hectares and many height differences, Renderklippen is a beautiful image of the municipality of Heerde. Everywhere you look, you can see tall pine trees and vast heathlands. You will also find a variety of fauna, such as grasshoppers, sand lizards, vipers, grass snakes and smooth snakes. Now that is really special! There also is a herd of about 150 grazing sheep at the Renderklippen. Be careful when your dog is running loose in this area.


Dogs are allowed to run loose anywhere on the Heerdestrand between October 1st and May 1st. Surrounded by pine trees and with extensive beaches and sunbathing areas, this area is a feast for the eyes. Here, your dog friend can also splash around in the water. Be sure to stay until the sun goes down because, during the sunset, you can enjoy the glare on the water. On the Heerdestrand propery, there is also a unique group of statues of people entering the water and walking out on the other side. You have to see it with your own eyes.

Landgoed Petrea

For dogs with short legs, Landgoed Petrea is an ideal area to walk through, since it's a small forest that you can pass through in just 20 minutes. But that doesn't make the area any less beautiful! The estate features a typical Veluwe forest landscape with many conifers and some heathlands. On the east side of the area, you can enjoy a nice view of the heathlands. This part is popularly referred to as 'Little Switzerland'.


  • Are you walking with your dog in built-up areas? Make sure that your four-legged friend is always on a leash.
  • Dogs are prohibited in children's playgrounds, in sandpits, playgrounds and on playing meadows.
  • There is only one rule for cleaning up dog poop: you should always do this yourself. If you do not clean up the dog poop, you can be fined €140.
  • Always keep your buddy on a leash in areas with (wild) animals.

These areas are of course great fun to stroll through with your dog, but they are just as fun if you don't have a four-legged friend. Either way, it's great to get out and about with your dog. Are you not a dog lover, but do you like nature and birds? Find out how to increase your chances of spotting birds.