Ecolodges 't Lennepserf
Barefoot trails

The best barefoot trails

The best barefoot trails

Barefoot trails are a big trend. You will walk on different types of ground barefoot, for instance on soft grass, fine sand, wood chips and thick branches. You will encounter tickling leaves of grass, mud on your feet, refreshing water, hard (and somewhat painful) stones and many more experiences on the barefoot trails. We've listed four barefoot trails in the area of 't Lennepserf for you! Tip: bring a towel and a set of dry clothes, because we can't guarantee you won't get dirty and wet.

Park de Stadshoeve

Since recently, there's a barefoot trail at Park and Bistro de Stadshoeve as well! The trail varies from sand to pebbles: quite an experience to feel the difference between sand, small pebbles and big rocks. And do you know what's great? After walking the trail, you can play at the farm, at the playground or at the play castle. A full day of entertainment.


or of Twello

Along the route of this barefoot trail, you will find an orchard, a Medieval garden, a tropical island, a savanna and a vineyard. The great diversity is what makes it so special. You will come across a little bridge with water during your walk. And where there's water, there's mud: especially the children will love this. There is also a part you will have to cross with your eyes closed. You will feel what's beneath your feet very consciously.

A. Vogel gardens

Educational and fun! Walk barefoot through the herbs of A. Vogel and discover the effect of mint plants on tired feet. A diversity of sensation experiences in the flowering herb fields of A. Vogel: feel the different soil types between your toes. The trail ends at a water spring and the large playground. Here, your little rascal can climb and clamber on the play equipment, balance on the balance beam, race down the zipline or play soccer on the lawn.

Doepark Nooerhof

At about half an hour by car from 't Lennepserf, in the heart of Zwolle, is Doepark Nooterhof. Here your child can play, have a good time and get to know nature. For everyone who loves tranquility. Discover the waterfalls at the water place, walk around at the barefoot trail, dance through the creeks and traverse the tree course. An ideal day out.

Of course, walking through the green area of the municipality of Heerde is a good idea. But walking along a barefoot trail is a true experience. When you spend the night at 't Lennepserf, we highly recommend visiting one of these parks. And will you stay with us? Go ahead and take off your shoes and walk across the grounds on bare feet.