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Living with the seasons: fall

living with the seasons: fall

We will have to face the facts. Summer is over. The green leaves are slowly but surely getting other colors before falling off their branches. Night falls early, mushrooms emerge from the ground and everyone is getting ready for winter. Although it is wonderful to spend time on a couch covered by a blanket and with slippers on during fall, there are plenty of fall activities to enjoy. We're listing five of them for you to get inspired. Enjoy the fall!

Waving goodbye to the migrating birds

At the end of the month, we have to say goodbye to the migratory birds who arrived in The Netherlands in spring. Hundreds of millions of birds will leave our little country, after which we won't see them for a long time. There are various observation screens at De Hoge Veluwe National Park where you can watch the birds leave early in the morning. Wave goodbye to the birds during the bird migration.

Travel the forest on foot

Nothing could be more pleasant than to get a breath of fresh air in nature. Go on a trip through the forest on foot. Walk on a blanket of red and brown leaves while you see the last leaves fall from the branches. It's no secret that fall is the best season to go for a walk. It's the season in which the trees and plants prepare for winter and various kinds of mushrooms emerge from the ground. Bring your umbrella just in case. Who knows, the clouds in the sky might spell some bad weather. The fall period is the perfect time to go for a beautiful walk.

Hunting for beautiful fall items

For children, a pleasant forest walk really feels like a day out. The miraculous phenomena of nature during fall provide a big treasure hunt for children. Look for the most beautiful and biggest leaves, hunt for all different kinds of mushrooms and collect as many acorns (with caps!) and chestnuts as possible. Bring all of the items you found home to use them for a crafting project or home decoration. This allows you to bring fall indoors.

Get a taste of the fall atmosphere in the city

Want to stroll through the streets while the leaves fall like snowflakes? Discover the historic inner city of Heerde, for example, during the fall period. It's the ideal time to go shopping for warm sweaters and nice vests, to fully prepare your wardrobe for winter. It it a little too cold outside? You can warm up at the outdoor fire at Brasserie Floor. The cozy and pleasant atmosphere of the brasserie in the forest matches the fall theme completely.

Lounging inside warm and cozy

Are you not ready for the old period yet and would you rather be inside? You don't need to go outside to get a taste of the fall atmosphere. Experiment in the kitchen and create the most delicious fall recipes such as pumpkin pie or a fall stew. Or make the most beautiful fall crafting projects at the kitchen table, with or without (your) children. Grab your warm sweater and put on your slippers. When it's raining cats and dogs, you can relax indoors and watch the latest movies that came out this season.

No matter what, the fall period ensures some homely coziness.