Ecolodges 't Lennepserf

What is an ecolodge?

What is an ecolodge? You'll definitely have heard the term before, especially if you got here through the 't Lennepserf website. But what exactly is an ecolodge and when are you allowed to call your accommodation an ecolodge? We will explain

What is an ecolodge?

According to the Dutch Encyclopedia, the definition of an ecolodge is: an environment-friendly tourist accommodation. An ecolodge is designed and built in an ecologic manner, has a minimal impact on nature and involves the local community. In addition, it helps to protect adjacent areas and offers tourists a participatory experience.

What criteria must an ecolodge meet?

Unfortunately, we frequently see companies in the tourism sector using ecolodges and ecohotels as trendy words to let them ask three times as much for an overnight stay. After all, ecotourism is not very cheap. According to CREST (Center for Responsible Travel) however, one in five tourists is wiling to pay more to stay at an ecolodge. It goes without saying that you'll only want to pay more if you are sure that the accommodation really is ecological.

According to Hitesh Mehta, author of the book Authentic Ecolodges, an authentic ecolodge must meet the three basic principles of ecotourism:

  1. Nature must be preserved and protected.
  2. The local community must benefit from it This can be done by providing jobs with fair wages, for instance, or by creating social products or offering education.
  3. Interpretive programs must be offered to teach both employees and tourists something about the natural and cultural environment.

In short, an ecolodge is an accommodation that benefits the environment and where visitors can experience nature in an optimal way.

The ecolodges of ‘t Lennepserf

When you spend the night at 't Lennepserf at one of the ecolodges, you will be surrounded by nature and experience the real farmer's life. All ecolodges located on the barnyard of the Bos family have been developed and constructed in an ecological way. Many materials from the old farm were reused and now have a new function at the luxurious accommodations. The energy used is generated by the 20 solar panels and the location's own biomass system with which 't Lennepserf has been equipped. The remaining energy is provided by Pure Energie, who supply the greenest power in The Netherlands. Take a look at the things 't Lennepserf does when it comes to sustainability.

In addition, 't Lennepserf helps the local community by letting persons located at a distance from the job market help out at the park. Nearly everything that is part of the company and still exists is handled by companies located at a maximum of 10 kilometers from the farm. There are no catering facilities at the farm, but if you would like a delicious fresh breakfast in the morning, Merle of 't Lennepserf will refer you to the Eetwinkel of Jobse and Jobse. A caterer of the highest level where Patricia has prepared the most delicious things for you and where you can buy regional products too.

Would you like to experience for yourself what it's like to stay at an ecolodge or would you like to know more about the possibilities at 't Lennepserf?  Book your stay now or contact us!