Ecolodges 't Lennepserf
Bicycle and signpost in the forest

The most beautiful cycling routes

The most beautiful cycling routes

The Veluwe is equally magnificent in all seasons. Whether you visit during spring, summer, fall or winter, there is something new to see every time. And that goes for Veessen too, which is situated in the municipality of Heerde in the Veluwe area. On foot, you might get to places where you can't go by bicycle, but you can go farther by bicycle and you can include an amazing part along the IJssel on your trip. Do you love cycling and are you looking for cycling routes in the area of 't Lennepserf in the municipality of Heerde? Go ahead and read on and be surprised by the amazing nature found in The Netherlands.

Cycling junction network at the Veluwe

The inhabitants of the municipality of Heerde love cycling and that's why they have created lots of cycling routes. There is an extensive cycling junction network across the Veluwe and along the IJssel which most of the cycling routes use. A number of different routes are available at the Tourist Information Points (TIP) and via the Visit Heerde website. When it will once again be possible in the context of Covid-19, the Ferry Tour is highly recommended. During this route, you will make several crossings by various ferries.

Are you a real forest enthusiast? If so, you will find everything you're looking for in the area of Veessen. In the Zwolle forest, for instance, there is a concrete cycling trail and the amazing Dellen forest area is perfect for exploring by bicycle as well. A great 27-kilometer route is the Around Heerde cycling route. And would you like to traverse the municipality of Heerde from north to south? If so, you can do this very comfortably via the cycling trail along the track of the former railway.

Download free cycling routes

In addition to the cycling routes which can be purchase vaia the TIPs and the Visit Heerde webshop, a number of free cycling routes are available as well.


The municipality of Heerde, and therefore Veessen as well, are part of an international network of municipalities that distinguish themselves in terms of livability, hospitality, environment, regional products, landscape, culture history and preservation of their own identity: Cittaslow.

Entrepreneurs and organizations that identify with the principles of Cittaslow can express this themselves and request a 'Cittaslow supportership'. During the Cittaslow cycling route, you will pass by the various supporters of this network.

Regional products Heerde

By cycling along the regional product route, you will pass yb all kinds of shops and other companies that supply regional products. They include fresh vegetables, farmers' cheese, ecological detergent, bread, pastry and pancake flour, for instance.

Please note! This route passes various catering venues. If you want to travel the route especially for this, make sure to check which ones are open due to the Covid-19 measures beforehand.

All of Heerde

The All of Heerde route will take you along the most beautiful and special places of the municipality of Heerde, including the high-water channel behind 't Lennepserf in Veessen. The high-water channel protects the area against flooding of the IJssel and consists of two parallel dykes of around 9 kilometers in length with an inlet and an outlet. In case of extremely high water levels of the IJssel, the inlet can be opened and the high-water channel will become a side branch of the river. The route is very diverse and leads you both through nature (including the Dellen and the Renderklippen) and along special buildings and monuments (including the Mölle of Bats and the church of Vorchten). Highly recommended if you haven't visited the municipality of Heerde before and would like to explore it as efficiently as possible.

You will also find a number of other great junction routes on the map of the last two routes. These include the 'Cultural route (26 km)', the 'Notary route (25.5 km)' and the 'Renderklippen route (17 km)'. Do you know of another route that wasn't mentioned in this article? Feel free to let us know so that we can share it with our bicycle loving guests.