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Storks in spring

Living with the seasons: spring

Living with the seasons: spring

More green, more animalsa nd more sun: it's spring! All of the flowers, trees and plants are starting to grow again. We can see crocuses staring to bloom again, the trees are growing leaves and the grass is turning 50 shades of green. The cold is replaced by warmth. Time to set out into nature. We will tell you why spring is a great time to go outside!

Wake up!

The animals wake up from their hibernation in spring. *Yawn* time to get up! The crawling earthworms, quick bats, bellowing frogs, cute squirrels and prickly hedghogs: we've had to miss them for a while. But they are back! Why they reappear during spring? Temperatures are rising to a favorable level again which allows them to find food. Food to keep their little bodies at a constant temperature. It is spring. Time to leave winter behind us and go on a trip.

New life in nature

In addition to the animals waking up from their hibernation, there are a lot of newborn animals in spring as well. Spring is a fertile season! Lambs, piglets, foals, rabbits, mice, fawns but also tadpoles and chicks are brought into the world during this season. But why are so many new animals born precisely in spring? Young animals have better odds at survival during spring, because the temperatures are rising and more food is available. Beautiful isn't it, the way nature takes care of itself?!

Picturesque spring blossom

Spring is also the season in which fruit trees— apple and cherry trees—start to bloom. It almost looks like these trees put on a jacket made of soft white and red flowers during spring. A beautiful sight and it smells wonderfully sweet! This spring blossom is most beautiful during the second half of April. So don't wait too long, because they will have lost their blossom in summer. That's why we love spring so much.

Migratory birds return

Many birds left for warm countries in South Europe and North Afrika during fall, but they always return during spring. The Netherlands are an excellent place to be during spring, of course. For example, we see the swallow, stork, nightingale and cuckoo flying again during spring. Because the birds are 'guests' here during spring and summer, they are also called summer guests. A greawt time to grab your binoculars and camera and go bird spotting.

Insects wake up as well

This doesn't make everyone happy, but they are still incredibly useful. Bees, for example! They go out looking for honey and pollen. They pollinate the wonderfully scented and colorful flowers to allow fruit to grow later. Many insects have survived winter as eggs or pupae, or they burrowed down deep to avoid the cold. Now that spring is here again, we will see more insects again too.

As you can read, spring is an incredibly good season for setting out into nature. Discover the most beautiful hiking trails of the Veluwe, go on a boat trip on the IJssel or go bird spotting in the forests.

Enjoy a natural stay in the area of 't Lennepserf

Beautiful all seasons!

De omgeving van Veessen 2023 from Katja Le Clercq on Vimeo.