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How can you keep your 'holiday footprint' as small as possible?

How can you keep your holiday footprint as small as possible?

Sustainable travel: it sounds very paradoxical, of course. Traveling—and especially traveling by airplane—is not sustainable in itself, but with our tips we show how it can be done. When you go on holiday in a sustainable way, you take humanity and the environment into account and you can do this in various ways. We show you how.

1. Fly as little as possible

Opting for a domestic holiday is many times more sustainable as a holiday abroad. This is mainly due to the means of transport: the airplane. Flying results in higher harmful emissions, contributing to warming of the earth. An airplane holiday to Bali results in a CO2 emission of 4000 kilograms. And that is quite a lot.

2. Stay at a sustainable accommodation

At Ecolodges 't Lennepserf, we do everything we can to spare the environment without making sacrifice in terms of quality and comfort for our guests. Our accommodations are largely built without damaging nature and with as many natural materials as possible. This makes them completely sustainable, and also a perfect and unique alternative to a standard hotel room, camper pitch or holiday park. Win-win, isn't it?

3. Use water sparingly

You can do this, for instance, by not leaving the tap open while brushing your teeth or by using your towel several times. Prevent unnecessary waste of water! They are the simple things you should be doing at home and which you can certainly remember while on holiday.

4. Only leave your own footsteps

It seems like the most normal thing in the world, but it's better to say it out loud: clean up all refuse behind you. By this, we mean you always take your refuse with you and don't leave any trash in the places you visited. We are located in a forested are close to the IJssel and the Veluwe, and it hurts us to see how some parts still get polluted. Refuse belongs in the trash bin and certainly not in nature!

5. Shop locally and honestly

Buy your daily groceries at our regional store Koek & Ei, for example. You can also enjoy a nice cup of coffee, eat a frosty ice cream or recharge with a refreshing drink here. You will find unique regional products at the shop to present as gifts or to enjoy yourself.

The villages of Heerde, Epe and Hattem are found nearby, where a market with products from the area is organized every week. Sustainable and definitely worth a visit! What more could you need, right?

6. Travel by bicycle or on foot as much as possible

This way, you limit damage to the environment. You need a car for the longer distances of course, but there are plenty of special places, hiking routes, cycling routes and historic sights to see in and around the area. Try to avoid using the car as much as possible for shorter distances to the other villages as well. This also gives you the opportunity to see a little of the municipality of Heerde.

We hope we will get to welcome you at 't Lennepserf soon, to show you what going on a sustainable holiday means to us.