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Fri, 19 Jul 2024 09:30 hour - Delicious Dopamine Retreat | Digital Detox

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Delicious Dopamine Retreat

The Delicious Dopamine Retreat helps you achieve inner coherence for outer harmony in three days with a digital detox. More rest, more productivity, more creativity, better socializing, and better concentration. 

Pop-ups, notifications, and push messages demand your attention at all times.   On average, you look at your smartphone 10 to 20 times per hour and spend over 5 hours on a screen. Being online all the time and everywhere leads to lack of concentration, memory loss, less truthful interaction, and physical stress. No one really knows yet what the true impact of today's digital age will be on your life, your children's lives, or even your future. What we do know is that all the unnecessary substances in our food, skin care products, in our water, combined with invisible toxins from wireless devices, overload our senses.   As you step out of your hectic life and regain your balance, you will truly reconnect with yourself.

And it all starts with putting away your phone, your ipad. As difficult as it may seem to imagine several days without a phone, a digital detox will completely transform your sleep hygiene, focus, motivation, health, and your sense of happiness. Your senses are reawakened. More delicate, deeper. 

The Delicious Dopamine Retreat helps you "get out of your head" into your living body. Ice. Sun. Water. Fire. Earth. Wind. Swimming. Running. Walking. Lying down. Singing. Being quiet. Dancing. Eating. Meditating. Laughing. Connecting. Talking. Touching. Tensing. Relaxing.   Being natural.     In no rush. 

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