Ecolodges 't Lennepserf

the Opkamer


Room to celebrate

Do you have something to celebrate? We sure like a party!

With us, you can count on a special birthday, a vibrant book presentation, an unforgettable family day, connecting group outing or a casual wedding party. 't Lennepserf is a wonderful location for any small-scale party. 

In the past, the milk cellar was partly underground at many farms. As a result, the room above that basement was higher than the other rooms in the house.

In old tenant farms, the Opkamer was often set up as a gentleman's room. At 't Lennepserf, the Opkamer is a fully equipped space for larger groups and various types of meetings.

The Opkamer is located on the second floor of the hooded barn. It can accommodate groups of up to 75 persons. The venue is rented per day (part) and is equipped with audiovisual facilities and "standard" amenities. It has a Smart TV. The space has a fully equipped small kitchen with dishwasher, an oven and two refrigerators, one of which is stocked with local (soft) drinks. There is a Hesselink coffee machine for a delicious espresso. The room features a beautiful wooden conference table with comfortable chairs. This table can be pushed to the side as well.

There is lots of outdoor space to enjoy. We also have a great fire pit at 't Erf, where you can share stories around the campfire in the evening.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Feel free to call us at 06-28 90 2558 or email 


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