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Fire ceremony

Sun, 13 Nov 2022 10:30 hour - Fire ceremony

On park

Discover the magic of a Havan fire ceremony

Havan is a centuries-old fire ceremony from India. Fire ceremonies are performed daily across the world as part of Vedic, shamanistic, native American and other traditions. For the earth, nature, the well-being of humans and animals, for peace and connection. 

Wishes and mantras are offered to the fire during the havan. The ceremony can give you inspiration, peace, trust, healing and clarity. 

Would you like to experience the magic of a havan fire ceremony? If so, contact Julie Verite by calling 06-45140665.  

A fire ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate life and a special ceremony for special moments. For instance to empower a relationship or marriage, cleanse a home or estate, perform a healing and supportive prayer in case of illness, sealing a promotion, anniversary or retirement or to say goodbye to a loved one.